What Makes A Good Dental Marketing Company?

October 12, 2023
Good Dental Marketing CompanyOne of the most important decisions you will make with managing and growing your dental practice is selecting an effective dental marketing solution. As the owner of a dental marketing company, here are some helpful tips to make the process more efficient and productive for each of you:
1. Dental Specific - Look for a dental marketing company that specializes in working with dentists. It is ideal to work with a company that has dental content writers and experience working with dental listings/directories, as opposed to generic or even medical marketing companies.
2. Exclusive Marketing - Look for a dental marketing company that only takes on 1 client per market (city). You want to make sure your marketing company is not using their same platform/strategy to market multiple providers in your market. It doesn't work well!
3. Customized Solution - Ideal to find a marketing company that regulates their number of clients and provides a personalized solution based on what you need to dominate your niche in your market. Package A, B, or C doesn't necessarily work. You need a customized solution based on your objectives and demographics.
4. Economical/Low Risk - Ideal to find marketing companies with no significant setup cost and no binding contractual terms. When you are managing a dental startup or any practice, you want to maintain flexibility with your dental marketing options because there are so many unknowns. Make sure these "low risk" terms are in place and your monthly subsciption cost is reasonable.
5. Successful Track Record - Look for dental marketing companies with a successful track record. If they are truly successful, you should see a good stream of reviews on their Google listing or website with feedback from other dental clients. Endorsements certainly don't hurt!
6. Stable and Established - There are numerous uncertainties when you are starting a dental practice. You certainly don't want your marketing company to be one of them. Try to select a well established dental marketing company that is stable or in a growth mode.
7. Single Point of Contact - It's always convenient and effective if you can find a company where the individual selling you the services (often promising you the world) will remain as your point of contact to deliver on what they sell you. With multiple points of contact, blame is shifted to different departments and communication can be frustrating.
8. Comprehensive - It's in your best interest to find a dental marketing company that provides a comprehensive scope of digital marketing services. Website design, SEO, social media, reputation management, Google Ads, live chat, etc. Ideally, you want to work with with one experienced dental marketing company that can be held accountable for your web marketing progress (or lack thereof). You also don't have to worry about multiple marketing companies that don't have aligned goals!
One thing is for sure... there is no perfect dental marketing company. However, if these elements above are in place, you will find the dental marketing experience to be enjoyable and effective!  If you are looking to establish an affordable dental marketing solution for you a dental startup or you are looking to replace an existing marketing strategy that is in effective, we encourage you to contact Dental Growth Solutions to learn what makes our dental marketing solution so unique and effective!


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