COVID Dental Marketing

As we continue to face challenging market conditions in the dental industry during this pandemic, it is clear that your online marketing and patient communication will be more important than ever.  Considering many patients and prospective patients feel uncertain or apprehensive about receiving dental care at this time, it is crucial to reassure these patients with high volumes of good online reviews, build strong social networks with consistent posts, and providing frequent blog articles to the community.  It also important to “cast your net” wider by improving  your online exposure in search engines and business listings, attracting a higher volume of new patients. 

As the owner of a company that provides online marketing for dentists, I’m often asked, “What do I need to do to…”

  •  Make my website rank in the top 3 on Google for [insert phrase or -keyword]…
  •  Use my website to get more new patients…
  •  Make sure my reputation is safe from unfair reviews…
  •  Get more value out of my social media accounts…

The list goes on. The truth is that marketing your dental practice in the digital age – ie the age of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc — is much more complex and difficult than most practices are prepared for.

I started my company, Dental Growth Solutions (WebDGS), to provide a new approach to online marketing for dentists. After working for 14 years in the dental web marketing industry, my mission is to turn the valuable insights I learned over that time into specific online marketing resources that contribute, in a quantifiable way, to dental practice growth.  

Whether you are a young dental provider trying to grow your brand, a middle-aged dentist trying to maintain a healthy balance of patients, or a more seasoned dentist trying strengthen your practice and image as part of an exit strategy, Dental Growth Solutions can personalize a marketing solution to meet your specific objectives and needs.

Here’s Why!

Over the past decade, large dental marketing companies have tended to dominate this industry, but that trend is changing. While large companies have tremendous resources, they often lack the support and customized marketing strategies necessary to compete in today’s ultra-competitive environment. While large companies use a systematic approach to marketing each client in the same manner, search engines are looking for unique content, text, images, and other signals when indexing dentists online.

These same large companies often manage as many clients as possible, trying — unsuccessfully – to market multiple dentists in the same market with the same strategy. This approach of accumulating thousands of clients prevents each client from receiving the individual attention they need on an ongoing basis to stay indexed on top of numerous search engines, business listings, and directories.

Why Dental Growth Solutions is Different

At Dental Growth Solutions, we’ve established a boutique dental marketing agency that addresses all the limitations dental practices face with large dental marketing companies. My experience working with large companies has allowed me to specifically tailor WebDGS to make sure we have all the resources necessary to help you successfully market your dental practice online. These include:

  • Regulated number of clients – We limit the number of clients we work with at a time, so we can micromanage each account and make sure you receive the attention you deserve!  The days of no support are over!  We schedule one hour monthly phone consultations with each client to review our detailed reports and discuss progress.
  • Exclusivity – We only accept one dental practice in a specific target market, so you will receive a unique, exclusive marketing strategy designed specifically for your competitive market. The days of working with large companies that optimize multiple dentists with the same resources in the same market are over!
  • Customized Dental Marketing Strategies – We work directly with each client to provide a personalized marketing strategy, based on their objectives and their target market. We have standard online dental marketing packages, but each solution will be tailored differently for each dental practice. The days of being optimized with “cookie cutter” packages in a robotic manner are over!
  • Economical and Low Risk – We are one of the only dental web marketing agencies in the industry with no setup cost AND no contracts. The idea is to provide dentists with an online marketing solution that effectively grows their practice without exposing any significant financial risk. We are confident in the quality of our services and want to re-earn your business on a monthly basis, with no penalty for cancellation. The days of contracts are over!

Dental Internet Marketing Services

Based on my experience, DGS has opted to focus on dental internet marketing services that provide the most ROI for practices. Our dental website packages include:

  •  on-site optimization
  •  off-site optimization
  •  reputation management
  •  social media marketing
  •  live chat

On-site optimization begins with optimizing the core structure of your website with XML sitemaps, robots.txt, and redirects. We then address the page structure with title and meta descriptions, alt tags for images, and URL formatting. The usability of the website is tested for mobile compatibility, load speed, and flash frames. We also provide a health check to correct broken links and duplicate content. (If you don’t understand this language, don’t worry, we can discuss it on our first call, and believe me you’re not alone.)

Off-site optimization primarily focuses on citations, link building and blog promotion. We manually create business listings (citations) for your practice across the internet, so we can make sure you receive extensive exposure in the online searches and you are perceived as a credible business. Some of our most common link building strategies include guest posting, commenting, forums, and directories. We also craft unique, engaging content on blog posts to drive traffic to our clients’ websites.

If there is one thing I know from experience with my clients over the years, it’s the anguish, and often anger, that comes with negative online feedback. That’s why WebDGS provides comprehensive online reputation management. Our goal is to make sure each client has high quality reviews for their practice across all search channels on the internet. Our intent is to make sure each dentist looks superior to their competition in their target market, since online reviews are a key factor in converting web traffic to patients.

The fourth component of our comprehensive web marketing solution is our dental social media marketing. We understand the best source of new patients for dental practices are referrals. The best sources of referrals in any community comes from building social media accounts. We create engaging content on social media accounts to help client’s reach out to more members of the community and build their network of referrals.

Number five in our service list is an additional optional resource we provide that might be relatively new for many dental practices – website chat plugins. These chat features are added to clients’ websites, allowing designated agents to converse with visitors to the website. This unique tool is very effective at engaging website visitors during off hours and converting more web traffic to new patients. This optional feature is recommended to clients on a case by case basis.

As online marketing for dentists continues to evolve, you can be confident our customized approach will allow us to adapt to the constantly changing guidelines of SEO. Most importantly, we are trying to give back to the dental community and genuinely want to help dental practices grow their practices’ online. We encourage you to contact Dental Growth Solutions at (951) 696-7550 for a free consultation or you can email us at Let us show you why our boutique dental marketing agency is so special, and provide you with an economical, effective online marketing solution!

On a final note, I am honored to be endorsed by the prestigious Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). As part of the endorsement, the AGD recorded 3 podcast interviews with myself. As you listen to the podcasts, it will become clearer what makes our dental marketing company so unique and effective!

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